Health and Dental Insurance

Health and Dental Insurance


Health and Dental Insurance is a very important part of the financial planning. It plays a very big role and adds a lot of value if you are retiring, changing your job, self employed, or have no coverage through your work group plan. Health and Dental Plans insure that you and your family have full access to prescription drugs, dental services, vision, paramedical, hospital, and ambulance services. 


What It Pays For

Individual plans cover many of the services that are not covered by provincial health care plan. It gives you an option to choose the plan as per your needs and affordability. 

It definitely gives you the coverage for unexpected medical expenses. Some prescription medications can be very expensive, this is where health and dental plans can provide a comprehensive coverage.

A lot of preexisting medical conditions are also covered in certain group health and dental plans. Usually in the group plan there is no medical examination required and policies are offered to all group members covering all chosen services. 


Do You Need It?

Lot of Canadians mistakenly believe that personal health insurance is not important. Unfortunately, this is a complete misunderstanding on their part. Personal health and dental plans are very important if you do not have these benefits from the employer. In case there is group coverage, it might be limited and adding extra coverage to the group coverage can make it fit to the needs.

You can get in touch with Sim Gakhar to find out what is going to be right for your individual or group needs.


Find Out What You Need

Before trying to acquire personal health insurance, you need to find out what you need. Some people will feel more comfortable with higher coverage amounts. Unfortunately, this means that they’ll end up paying higher premiums. Nevertheless, it might be a good option for them. With this in mind, you need to find out what is going to make you feel comfortable. You should work with an insurance advisor. This is the best way to learn more about the insurance options available to you.

And, you can rest assured knowing that this professional will help you get what you need at a most affordable price. You can team with Sim Gakhar. She will be able to find you a good health and dental plan that will fit your needs today and tomorrow.


Getting A Personal Health Insurance Policy

You won’t need to jump through too many hoops to get covered. However, you will need to work with a professional. Make sure that you make this individual aware of your needs so they can begin working to find the best policy for you. Remember that you do not have to pay anything to work with an advisor. With that being said, you should team up with one right now. So call Sim Gakhar.

What Our Clients Say

My husband and I had the pleasure of getting our life insurance through Sim Gakhar. She is professional, attentive, detailed-oriented and knowledgeable. Sim is reliable and trustworthy – from selecting the right product to providing medical records and payment process – she made it super easy. She is punctual and flexible – she always came to our home at our schedule. She ALSO helped with closing one of our older insurance policy that wasn’t working for us. We highly recommended Sim, she is definitely one of the best in the industry.
Tharmila RajasingamCo-Founder | Realtor
Sim helped me and my wife replace existing Life Insurance and Critical Illness policies that weren’t meeting our needs. Her knowledge of Canadian Insurance policies and providers is excellent. Her approach was very consultative, ensuring that she understood our situation & goals, and never overselling. We were presented with several options and given time to make the best selection. Her relationships with coverage providers ensures that the process goes smoothly. I highly recommend her.
Jim MonteathIT Consultant
It has always been a pleasure conversing with Sim. She is always available, and always happy to provide you the best solution to suit your needs. One thing that makes Sim outstanding at what she does is her deep understanding of various products and how they fit within the goals of the client. It has truly been amazing 6 years since I have known Sim. Not only have I received appropriate coverage, but also was able to set up a plan for the estate. Thanks, Sim, and to anyone looking for a financial advisor or an estate planner or have any insurance needs, Sim is the person to go to. Thanks, Sim.
Adil ViraniActuary
Sim helped us with a life insurance policy. Her communication systems and processes and her ability to stay in touch, explain things, and move things along is as professional and streamlined as I’ve ever seen. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and has helped our family secure our financial future!
Jonathan CarterCPA | CMA
Sim has been our go to person for insurance over the last 11 years. She is nothing short of professional, caring and always looking out for our best interest. The great thing is she will always be available to answer questions and provide insight on how the decisions you make today, will impact your future tomorrow.
Raaziq BhimaniRestaurateur
Sim is a thorough and learned professional. It was a great experience working with her, to get customized insights, advice in making my insurance and investment decisions. She handled the end-to-end process with ease, especially during this challenging time, and went the extra mile so I could complete everything remotely. I would definitely recommend her and look forward to working with her for future investments.
Manav GhaiSenior Product Manager
Sim is a very knowledgeable and experienced professional not just for excellent & creative insurance solutions but probably the best financial planner that you will ever meet. We have known Sim for almost the past 2 decades and all we can say she conducts her business with integrity.
Neil RamchanderSales Manager
Sim is extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful. She helped us to put together a plan that suited our needs very well. I think we were very lucky to find Sim.
Rick MateljanPrincipal Owner
I had the pleasure of working with Sim on selecting the best life insurance policy fo me. I had met with several advisors prior to meeting Sim and she definitely stands out as one of this best in the space! It’s very refreshing to see how she personalizes her approach to each person/product and makes sure you are well informed and comfortable before making any financial decisions.
She is constantly learning and paying it forward through her involvement and leadership in international community events. I am confident that Sim will help me make decisions in my best interest and I am excited to work with her in the future!
Sanveer DhanjuProduct Analyst
Sim is very knowledgeable and experienced person who not only help me with my life insurance and retirement planning needs, but also help my clients with their tax and retirement planning needs on very timely basis. I highly recommend her if anyone needs insurance and investment advice.
Olga Sokolova CPA, CA, LPA

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