About Sim

I am an insurance-based tax and financial planning solutions advisor servicing customers across Ontario, Canada. With each client, I aim to build policies and solutions that factor current needs, affordability, and financial goals.

Leveraging life insurance products, I create solutions and strategies for my clients that help them grow retained earnings tax-free, pass more wealth to the next generation, and protect their biggest asset – themselves, the key person of the business.

In addition to being LLQP (Life License Qualification Program) licensed, I have also attained the CHS (Certified Health Insurance Specialist) designation to better understand and service my client needs.

In 2019, I successfully qualified for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table, and I currently am an active member of Advocis (The Financial Advisors Association of Canada.)


My MGA (Managing General Agency)

I am a proud advisor at HUB Financial, which is a one of Canada’s leading insurance MGAs.

HUB Financial is contracted with over 30 life insurance companies, which allows me to access and compare policies, specific coverages, rates, and other variables, with multiple carriers.

With this support, I am able to craft policies that fit the client today and the tomorrow to come.


Before you begin your insurance hunt

The first thing to understand is, buying the right policy should be the only focus. A cheap annual or monthly premium for a coverage is always good. But you want to make sure that the policy itself is a fit for your goals and needs.

Buying the wrong policy can be very costly as you will have to end up cancelling it at some point. Your life insurance policy premium depends on your age, health and your lifestyle.

So if you take a policy that does not fulfill your needs in the long run and you end up cancelling it in the middle, the new policy of your choice will cost you a lot more due to the change in age and health at the later time.

You want to make sure that the policy you buy today is the policy that will do what you intend it to do tomorrow. I always suggest my clients to read online, talk to their friends, and call life insurance companies directly to learn about insurance products that interest them.

People often think that life insurance is bought just for the death benefit and if “something happens to me, my family or beneficiaries will get some money to cope with my loss”. This is true. But your life insurance policy can also act as a tax optimization and investment tool that can provide you a return after a certain period of time, while you are alive.


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